What is this one massive mistake? You may have gone in too passionately; you get too excited. You may be thinking about getting a coach! and you just go into overdrive. There are a couple of steps just to pull you back a little bit. This is not about losing your passion, but what you need to be is to be strategic about the conversations you’re having with your potential clients.

Build Rapport

If you’ve been trained in rapport, utilize your skills in building that rapport. Build a relationship. If they don’t know, like, or trust you, it’s very difficult for them to say yes to you when they don’t feel that rapport or that relationship with you.

Every Amazing Coach Asks Amazing Questions

Instead of telling people. What we want to do is ask great questions. If we’re asking great questions, your potential client will really get the feel of what their needs and wants are, and whether we can help them with our coaching.

Do Not Be Salesy

When you start getting excited, you can get salesy. If you’re thinking, “You need to join my program.” Always end your sentence with, “Would that be okay, if I send you some information?” Not, “I will send you some information.”

Ask this question, “I’d like to send you some information, would that be okay?” “How about we meet up and talk more about it later in the week? Would that be okay?”

That just softens you from pushing your stuff on to a potential client that may not want it or may not be ready. They’re feeling their way. If you’re asking permission, then you’re not doing anything that’s overstepping the mark.

You don’t want to be one of those friends that everyone’s avoiding because every time they see you, you’re trying to sell them something. They will come to you when they need your service or product.

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I will share with you all of the strategies you need, and they’re very simple to get people coming to you naturally, without having to be salesy and paying the price that is the value of what you want to achieve.