What is one question you should ask before presenting to an audience?

It’s really important that you ask yourself this question.

What Is the Purpose of Sharing This?

If you’re going to share something with your audience, what is the purpose? What benefits are the audience going to get from you sharing that? What is the benefit of that to them, not to you.

What Is Relevant to the Audience?

How is that relevant to them, their life, their business, or their position in life? How is it relevant to them? What is the audience going to experience when you share this? Is it sadness, is it happiness? What emotions is it going to evoke in your audience? Answer this question.

What Is the Purpose of Sharing This?

If there is no purpose, then do not share it. There must be always, always, always a purpose for you sharing something from stage because what I see with a lot of speakers, they’re talking, talking, talking about stuff and the audience is sitting there going, why is he or she sharing this with me? I don’t see the relevance of this. What’s the benefit of me sitting here listening to this person, sharing this information?

If you ask yourself that question, then you will not be in that situation where people are asking those questions of themselves while they’re watching you. That’s when you’ll see people jumping off, switching off their computer, walking out of the room if there’s a live event and they won’t stay for the duration of the presentation.

If people are leaving your presentation, go back to square one and ask yourself this question and take out the content that doesn’t fit for the presentation. Just to say it again, the question you need to ask yourself is, what is the purpose of sharing this and really chunk down into whether that is relevant, has a benefit, and has an experience for your audience. 

If you want to learn more about what you should and shouldn’t share from the stage or to your audience, and I say ‘should and shouldn’t’ in inverted commas. There are real strategies around how you design your content, design your story, we’ve all got a whole life story. What parts of the story do you include and we ask ourselves those questions around that.

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