In this blog, I’d like to talk to you about the three common mistakes that you make when designing your packages – your packages to sell to your clients. A lot of business owners come to me for one-on-one coaching, and I see these three common mistakes when they’ve designed their packages.

The FIRST ONE is they have way TOO MANY and it is so confusing; it’s even difficult for me to realise what they’re offering to their clients. If a client gets confused, they will not buy. If they’re unsure about what you’re offering or what your expertise is, they will go elsewhere. I see people that have many, many different areas, because yes, we have lots of skills, particularly if you’re in the coaching industry, you will have many skills, but that doesn’t mean that your packages need to be that wide and varied.

What I show you in my Master Coach Program is that you can have the packages that you want to promote out, then there’s other skills behind that and how you package that up behind those frontline packages to then offer to your clients without confusing them. There’s a very strategic way to offer many packages. The SECOND POINT is, business owners have a lot of packages, but NOT ACROSS A LOT OF PRICE RANGES. They have high-end packages because they’ve been told, “You need less people, higher, or larger priced packages,” or they’re being told to have large numbers with smaller packages, like $27.00 or $47.00 or $97.00, but they have nothing in between.

What I share with my Master Coaches in my Program is that you have packages in all price ranges because people come to you and have different budgets that they can afford to spend with you. They will move along through those price categories with you. You should have a really strong product or package in each price range.

In my Program, I share with my Master Coaches what those price ranges are that people will easily move along through your packages to buy more and more from you. The THIRD POINT is that their PACKAGES ARE NOT PROFITABLE. A lot of people don’t want to talk about making money and making profit. You can make loads and loads of income, but if it’s NOT PROFITABLE, then you may as well be sitting on the beach, drinking margaritas going broke there.

In my Program, I share with you how you work it out. You don’t have to be an accountant. You don’t have to have a science degree either to work out whether your product is profitable. There are the three easy steps to move along to make sure that your product is the right product to be promoting out because if you’re promoting a product or a service that is not profitable, that is time-consuming, and that is costly to you, then that’s not what you should package up to your clients.

If you’re designing your packages, it’s important that you’re CLEAR on what you want to offer out into your business. The three mistakes are Please do not have TOO MANY so it confuses the buyer. Make sure that they’re in DIFFERENT PRICE RANGES, and Make sure they’re PROFITABLE for you. If you need help in designing the products and services in your business, REACH OUT TO ME.

The website will be here in the video where you can contact me or one of the Master Coaches in my Program to have one-on-one coaching or join one of our Programs as well.