human trying to make the right choice


Every day we are bound with life’s crossroads, it can be from small to big decisions or even the simplest choices that you need to deal with in everyday situations. Decisions must be made not just when things are not working out as we had planned, but also during positive moments when we must choose to continue the course or veer off into something new. Here are five decision making choices to make better judgements:

Know What You Want

We often jump to conclusions when making difficult decisions that require serious thought and planning. We must first gather more information because you do not know what you do not know and you cannot decide on what you do not know. If you’re too stressed and you are not happy with your current situation or job for that matter and you’re thinking of quitting, weigh up your decisions.

Get the facts straight on why you’re stressed and what triggers it. If you quit your job, will you be able to survive the next 3 months without income? Think about it, do you really want to quit? Or do you just want a break. These are just part of the many factors you have to consider when you want to make a decision. We need to go out and collect more information to make a better decision. We do not necessarily have all the answers but first you must know what you want and everything else will follow.

Go Out and Ask

The quickest way to arrive to a sound decision is to go out and ask people. Ask the people who have already done it! Stay away from the people that don’t have any experience but seem to know everything. The know-it-all’s are often so convincing that it will cloud your judgement, always ask for an expert advice and take into consideration your own decisions. There is no better judge of character than yourself so go ahead and ask, then decide for yourself. It is so much more liberating when somebody conforms what you have already decided before you ask them, but remember that there will always be opposition. Take heed to that too. Which brings me to the last choice:

The Opposition

It is human nature to seek self-confirming decisions from other people, however in life there will always be opposition. We naturally seek out information that we already agree with and tend to ignore information that we disagree with. This confirmation bias blinds us from the obvious and therefore can lead to a bad decision.

Reach out and collect information that opposes your existing viewpoints and collect information that will be both helpful and damaging to your decision. Oftentimes, the people who disagrees with your standpoint are the people who knows what’s happening around you and are not biased with their emotions. The opposition can turn out to be a positive presence in your life after all. Seek the opposition’s opinion and seriously consider what they have to say. You might just be confirming yourself and sometimes that will stupor our line of thoughts and decisions.

Seriously considering these three decision making choices will help you make the best decision in life, not just for the sake of “doing it”. Know what you want and learn to ask for the opinion of others even if sometimes this opinion does not agree with our own. It is when we consider these things that we will reach to a point of choosing the best decision and won’t regret it. After all, that’s the most important thing.