We hear loads and loads and loads of Lies people tell us and sometimes we believe them.

When you’re in business, the first thing that people say to you is, “you need experience.”

Particularly in coaching people go, “What experience do you have to be able to coach?”

You don’t need more experience.

No! you don’t!

You can start immediately.

The second thing is they say, “It’s hard to find clients.”

No! it is not!

It’s very easy and I’ve proven it time and time again.

The third thing is they say that “It’s long hours.”

If you’re very disciplined in your ideal week and your schedule of time, then you will not have to do long hours.

Who is in control of your time, is in control of your income.

It is not long hours if you are focused on income producing activities.

Be in control of your time and work on the income generating activities.

At my Grow Your Coaching Biz, I share with you how you can coach with no experience at all straight off the bat and I’m saying this with absolute conviction that you’ll have the tools you require to make sure that you are giving Great Value to your clients!

No doubt about it.