Hi! I’m Sharon Jurd and welcome to my Biz Blitz video and today I want to talk to you about the 3 mistakes professional speakers make and these are very important points today because if you are a speaker, whether it be to a boardroom or many thousands of people, these can be very costly mistakes.

Firstly, the professional speakers don’t charge what they’re really worth. They undervalue what content they’re sharing and what value they can add to people’s lives. And I see speakers all the time undervaluing what they are going to deliver to their audience. You need, a professional speaker, to be charging what you are worth and please, don’t let price hold you back. People will pay for your ability, expertise, stories and content that they want delivered to their audience.

Secondly, professional speakers don’t follow-up leads correctly. They might hear about a speaking opportunity but they never go after it. They just think that people are going to call on the phone and then they’re just going to sit happily in their office. You need to be following up, following up, following up. That’s where you’ll earn your money, if you keep following up and be persistent and consistent with your follow up because you may find that you talk to somebody on a regular basis for over a long period of time and then BAM! they’re going to pay you the high price that you’re after.

Thirdly, the other mistake that most professional speakers make is that they don’t know their audience. There are two parts to this; they don’t know the audience that they want to talk to. What am I really sharing with people and who would benefit from my content? Professional speakers, in their initial stages, don’t actually know up here in their own minds the people that they need to be in front of. And the second part to this is, when they do get a speaking engagement, they don’t get enough information from the person who is holding the event to know the audience well. They just go in and deliver a generic talk and they actually don’t modify it to suit that audience’s needs.

So there are my three points today. One, professional speakers do not charge enough. If you are a speaker, up your fees, you are worth it. And two, professional speakers don’t follow-up their leads correctly and they are not usually persistent and consistent in that follow-up. And thirdly, they don’t know their audience. They don’t know who they want to talk to and sometimes they don’t even know who they are actually talking to.

If you are a speaker, don’t let these three things be a costly mistake to you. Make sure you’ve got these covered off if you want to be seen as that highly paid speaker in your community.

I’m Sharon Jurd. I hope that this video has been helpful to you. If you think that it has value to your friends, family or colleagues, please share my video. I want to help as many people as I can and I need your help to do that. Thank you. I’m Sharon Jurd and we’ll talk very soon.