Majority of public speakers agree that the skill of speaking in public does not come naturally. While some people are born with the talent of public speaking, most of the well-known speakers went through rigorous training to be where they are today.

Whether you are an aspiring speaker or a veteran, there are three simple rules every speaker should follow.

1. Prepare

When a speaker has ample time to prepare, he/she appears to be credible, well-informed, and confident. The key to giving a great speech is preparation. Even though you’re very knowledgeable about your topic, the lack of preparation will increases the risk of mistakes.

Before you create your content, it is important to define your objectives and then choose the type of speech that matches perfectly with your objectives. Identify whether your goal is to motivate, educate, or demonstrate to your audience. Once you have your objectives in place, you can now begin to make your presentation.

2. Practice

Practicing your presentation doesn’t mean you have to memorise your speech word-for-word; or else you’re going to end up sounding like a robot. Practicing for your speech is all about familiarisation. Review the content of your speech until you know it by heart and feel confident that you will do great. Your audience will be able to tell the difference between a well-rehearsed speech and an unprepared one.

3. Perform

Public speaking is a performance – you want your audience love you. In every presentation, your goal is not only to educate but also to entertain. Regardless of the topic, your audience will love a good laugh. Think about it, speeches without interesting stories or a hint of humor will most likely bore you. Therefore, it’s very important to determine what you want your audience to remember about you as a speaker – the dry, boring speaker who’s constantly feeding you information? Or the fun, likable speaker who brought laughter to the audience?

As you continue to prepare, practice and perform, you’ll be able to conquer your fear of public speaking and develop your skills.

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