As coaches, we take pride in seeing our coaching clients excel. Their success is our success but in as much as we’d like to see all our clients succeed, sadly this is not always the case. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of clients who, despite being coached, are stuck and are struggling to move forward.

Before you start blaming yourself for being an ineffective mentor or questioning your expertise in coaching, I’d like to share with you three of the most common reasons why coaching clients don’t move forward and guess what? None of them has anything to do with you as a coach. It is important to identify these factors early on so your clients can address them and overcome them the soonest possible time. It’s also helpful that you point it out to them so they can help themselves and be aware of these common behaviours.

Firstly, they say they’re too busy. This is perhaps the most common reason why clients keep putting tasks off. You see, we all have the same amount of time in a day. We are in control of what happens within the day, so it’s really up to us how we want to make use of our time. If your clients say they’re too busy for hookups or they’re too busy to coach, what you need to do is switch up their dialogue to you and say, “you are not my priority right now”. If you get them to say that out loud, they’ll become more aware of their thinking so they’re either really too busy or you’re just not a priority for them. Ask them to say it back to you and see how they feel because the truth is, there is always time. Time is not the issue; the pressing issue is their priorities.

Secondly, they say they’re stressed and overwhelmed. As long as you are living and breathing, you can never get away from stress and overwhelm. It’s a constant battle and it happens to the best of us. When your clients tell you that they are stressed and overwhelmed, that’s when they need you most as a coach because you know how to help them overcome stress and overwhelm. Clients start to feel panicky when they look at the bigger goal, so what you need to do is to chunk it down into smaller, more achievable actions that will lead them closer to their goal. Doing it this way gives them a sense of accomplishment; it makes them feel good about themselves because they have been able to achieve something.

Thirdly, they may procrastinate. This is tricky because there are some people who will deny that they procrastinate. Even when they are clearly procrastinating, they wouldn’t use that word. Listen to their sentences and the words they say carefully. If you can sense that they are dillydallying, take action. Remind them why they get out of bed each morning. Set a compelling future for them. It could be that they’ve just lost sight of their future goal so you need to be that person to remind them why they are doing this because if they don’t have a clear vision of what their future is going to be like, they will surely procrastinate.

You see, there is always a reason for procrastination. If you find yourself frustrated and disappointed that your coaching clients aren’t seeing results, then it’s probably because of one if not all of these.

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