Are you ready to present your best speech ever? Delivering a speech puts you under the scrutiny of the public eye. It helps to know that aside from listening to what you have to say, your audience also reacts to your voice and body language.

Creating a well-written, well-structured presentation is not enough to make a lasting impact. Keep in mind that you need to deliver a performance, not just a speech. You have to be lively, flexible, and interesting in order for your audience to hang on to every word you say. Here are three basic delivery skills you need to perform your best speech ever.

  1. The Ability to Speak Clearly

This seems pretty obvious but public speakers must be able to speak clearly because for people to understand what they’re trying to convey. When you speak too fast or too slow, use a lot of fillers, or have bad grammar, you lose maximum effectiveness as a speaker. Since public speaking is about performance, practice and rehearsals are necessary. Familiarize your material and go over it repeatedly to minimize stuttering or stumbling over your words.

  1. The Ability to Execute Effective Paralanguage

Paralanguage refers to your tone, inflection, pitch, and how fast or slow you speak. Throughout your presentation, it is best to be mindful of your paralanguage – are you speaking too loud or too soft? Are you being monotonous or not? Remember that people don’t like to listen to a monotonous speaker; someone who speaks in a constant flat tone. With effective paralanguage, you’ll be able to portray the right emotion, authority, and confidence during your speech.

  1. The Ability to Maintain Eye Contact

When you’re new to the public speaking industry, your nerves may get the best of you and you may find it hard to maintain eye contact with your audience. However, no matter how nerve-racking it may be, the ability to maintain eye contact is very important in public speaking.

Since your audience is comprised of individuals with feelings and emotions, make it a point to make eye contact with each of them. Avoid looking at the ceiling, the walls, and on the floor. The power of eye contact makes a person feel that your speech is directed to them – even if they’re in a room full of people. Therefore, when your listeners are engaged, the easier it is for you to persuade them.

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