No matter how old or how young, everyone desires to be successful. It seems that our systems are hardwired to strive for success regardless of what we do in life whether it’s being a homemaker, an accountant, a baker, a makeup artist, a coach or a speaker. We crave for success and it’s easy to see why, successful people are generally happier and fulfilled but more importantly, when you are successful, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to help other people.


If you are a coach or a speaker wanting to become successful, I can teach you how. In my years in the coaching industry, I am proud to say that I have acquired success. It wasn’t a walk in the park, there were challenges that dragged me down and tried to discourage me from going further but I was able to overcome them with the help of these three steps.


Firstly, become what you want to be. If you want to become a great coach, start calling yourself that. You can start by changing your social media description or editing your business cards or your LinkedIn profile – do whatever you need to do in calling yourself a great speaker. If it’s a great coach you want to be, start acting like one and embrace it. It all starts with you believing that you have what it takes to become great.


Secondly, you need to be telling everybody. When you’re only starting out, obviously, not that many people will know about you so you need to be telling your family, friends and colleagues what you are doing. Get your phone and make some calls, tell everyone in your contact list what you are doing and ask them to spread the word to people they know. These people will be happy and excited for you because they know you and they genuinely want you to succeed.


Thirdly, you must have some systems and strategies and processes in place. Success doesn’t fall on your lap without you working for it. It has to be earned. So if you want to be a great speaker, you have to have systems, processes and strategies for you to be effective. You can’t impact lives if you just stand there and waffle on for an hour without having structure in your presentation. The same applies with your coaching, if you don’t have systems and processes to present them with, your clients will not learn or get anything from you and you are only wasting their time. If you don’t have any of this now, that’s okay. In my SMJ Coaching Institute, I will teach you how to get those systems and structures around what you are doing so you can get massive results for you and your clients.


If you are wanting to know more, I would love to offer you a 30 minute FREE Discovery Session with me personally.  I will guarantee that after our 30 minutes together you will know what your next step will be in your life or in your business.


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