In this video, Sharon shares three easy steps to engage your audience.

Whenever there is a presentation or an opportunity for me to speak, I always make the necessary preparations ahead of time. I owe it to my audience to come prepared. I study and I practice a hundred times over until I am totally confident that I can pull it off. But you see, when you’re speaker, it’s not all about you. It’s not just about how eloquent you are or how informative your speech is. If you want to be an effective speaker, someone who helps people improve their lives and grow their businesses, you need to know how to engage your audience.


Your audience is just like everyone else, they get bored and tired too. When you feed them with too much information without giving enough thought about how to keep them awake and interactive, then all your efforts of studying and practicing are in vain.


It’s going to be a challenge to stop your audience’s thoughts from wandering but with these three easy steps, you can engage them and make them listen to you.


Firstly, you need to know who your audience is. Know who they are, their backgrounds, and their demographics. Know every possible thing you can about them so you will know what to talk about during your presentation. Think about it, if you plan to talk about ways to quit smoking and yet everyone in the room are non-smokers, no one is going to be interested in what you have to say. You can talk all day long, be funny, and interject jokes every now and then but it simply won’t work and they are not going to be interested. Knowing your audience is important so you can come up with a message that will truly resonate with them, something that they feel is relevant.


Secondly, know their pain. One way of connecting to your audience is to know what their pains are. There is no way you can help them if you don’t know what their struggles are. If you are not aware of their pains then no matter how prepared you are with your presentation, it’s not going to matter to them. You have to make it meaningful to your audience. Understand their pain first and then come up with strategies they can use to improve their problems.


Thirdly, show them hope. Show your audience that you know how to help them. Show them that you have the systems, processes, strategies, knowledge and the expertise to take them from where they are now to where they want to be. You see, there could be people in your audience that have lost hope in their situation and the reason why they are there, listening to you is because they are hoping that you could give them the answer they’ve been looking for. So you really need to show them that there is hope, that their situation isn’t permanent and that there is a way to change their lives and their businesses.


These three steps will help your audience connect better with you. As a speaker, it is important that the message you share creates a positive impact in their lives because only then will you be able to motivate them to take action.


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