Regardless if you’re starting our or if you’ve been in the coaching business for years, I’m pretty certain that just like me, you too lay awake at night thinking of ways on how to grow your business. Even if your calling is to help people, you can’t deny the fact that the services you offer come with a fee and that’s why it is important that during the early stages of your career as a coach, you will be guided on what to do so you can grow your business quicker. And no, it doesn’t take decades of coaching to grow your business. You can grow it as early as now as long as you know what steps to take. Here are three easy steps that are guaranteed to grow your coaching business.

Firstly, don’t sit there half-launched. If you want to succeed but you are just sitting there waiting for clients to sign up to your program, I’m sorry but it’s not going to happen. If you are going to launch your career make sure you’re doing it at one hundred percent. Don’t just tell a few friends and some family members, go out there and tell everyone! Let everybody know that you’re really doing this. Show them who you are and what you can do because if you won’t, no one else will. So jump right in, go all out and launch your business in full-throttle.

Secondly, don’t get stuck in the detail. Don’t worry about the details because you can always change that later. I see so many coaches get anxious and worry about issues regarding SEO and algorithms that they spend majority of their time trying to figure out how to make it right. While it’s true that these things do matter, it shouldn’t take up so much of your time. Instead of sitting in front of your computer screen all day long, why don’t you go out of your house or office and start talking to people and spreading the word about your coaching program?

Thirdly, get out there and talk to people. Here’s a sad reality, there are people who assume that as soon as they become coaches, clients are going to start showing up at their doorstep. I hate to break it to you but this is not what reality looks like. You may be an amazing coach, no doubt about that, but if you don’t start telling people what you do, they will never know you exist. So spread the word whether it’s through videos in the online world or talking to real people in your neighborhood or community. The phone won’t ring and the email won’t come in unless you go out into the world and start telling people who you are.

Growing your coaching business is going to take time but you can grow it faster and sooner if you follow these three steps.

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