Coaches are compassionate by nature. We share a genuine desire to help people, which is what makes us amazing. Nevertheless, when you are in the coaching industry, the help you extend to your clients comes with a fee. People regard you as an investment. And what better way to make their investment worthwhile than to prove to them that you are great at what you do? Remember, not all coaches are effective.


So if you want to become a great coach, you should NOT be doing these three things.


Firstly, don’t do it for them. As coaches, we have a strong desire to help our clients do better. It gives us overwhelming joy witnessing them reach their highest potential. But it is important to know that there are limits to the kind of help we can extend and a great coach should know what these are. Your role as a coach is to teach them strategies, give them sound advice and guide them towards the right track. There are a lot of things you do as a coach but one thing you should not do is to do it for them.


For example, when a client asks you to help them build a website or a landing page, make it clear to them that even though you really want to help them, that is not your job to fill. Your job is to teach them to be resourceful and creative so they can do it for themselves because that’s how they will learn.


Secondly, don’t be sympathetic. What you need to be is empathetic because if you feel sympathy for your client, you are not going to be a great coach for them. Sympathy and empathy are two different things. In order to be a great coach you should be able to empathise with them, understand them fully, feel their pain and their challenges and whatever it is that they are going through because when you feel sorry for your client you won’t be able to bring the best of yourself to your coaching sessions.


Thirdly, don’t be a friend, be a coach. Coaching is serious business. If you want your clients to succeed, you need to act as a coach and not as a friend. Sure, over time you will develop fondness for your clients and establish long-term friendships with them. But when you are coaching, you need to keep it professional. You have to be firm and tell it like it is because that’s what will make you a great coach. A friend is someone who tells you everything is gong to be okay even when they are unsure about the outcome but they say it anyway to comfort you. A coach, on the other hand, is someone who will tell you straight-out that if you are not going to make changes, things are not going to be okay. Sometimes, you need to have difficult conversations with your clients even if it makes them uncomfortable because that’s what they need to hear to help them.


In a nutshell, if you are going to be a great coach, don’t do the work for your client, don’t be sympathetic and don’t be a friend, be a coach.


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