Let’s talk about the three things that cause business owners to get stuck. It STOPS them from MOVING FORWARD. The FIRST ONE I get very passionate about is WEBSITE. I have so many people come to me wanting coaching in their business, and they’ve got stuck designing and developing their website.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a website, but I see so many people spending so much time to make it absolutely perfect, and they put everything else on hold to have their website to perfection. It’s never going to be perfect. Let me say that again…It is never going to be perfect. What you need to do is get a website up, have it there, and then work on it consistently through your business.

Do not stop everything else. I hear people say, “I can’t do anything until my website is up and running.” I’m telling you, you can do business without a website RIGHT NOW. I have coaching clients and people that are in business, who are doing business, six and seven figures in fact, without a website.

I could rave on all day about a website, but I will leave number one there. Don’t get stuck on your WEBSITE. TWO is your NICHE. People spend hours and hours and hours trying to niche up. They get told to niche up into a very small niche and people say, “Make it narrow, go deep.” Again, I see business owners getting caught up in this.

In fact, I see a lot of business owners getting very stressed about their niche because when you’re starting out, you are really not sure. When I started out, I didn’t have SMJ Coaching Institute, and I wasn’t coaching speakers and coaches. Your niche will change. What you’re doing now will not be what you will be doing in 12 months or two years’ time. I’m telling you that for a fact.

It will change on who you are helping and who needs help from you. Get started. Get started in helping a number of niches because then you’ll find where you like to be, where you like to hang out. When you first start in your business, you might say, “I want to help this demographic.” As you go along, you really don’t like hanging out there, and you might find that you get more enjoyment doing something else.

Don’t narrow down too early when you’re finding your feet and finding your way, particularly when you need cash flow. The THIRD THING is MARKETING. I see a lot of business owners getting stuck in designing their logos, their catchphrases, their content, and their marketing, particularly around social media. They want to design it all and build it all. They just get dug down into the detail.

My advice is just get going. The videos that I sent out previously when I first started, I have a good chuckle at them now. I go, “Oh my God, did I send that out to people?” You will get better and better at your marketing and your videos and your content as you go along. But you are not going to know everything in the beginning, so start talking to people, start communicating with them, start sharing your message and get better and better as you go along.

What I say in my world is you FLEX YOUR MUSCLE. Then you get better and better at it. But if you don’t start and you just get stuck in a whirlpool of content and detail, then you will never get going. If these three areas are holding you back; are these the areas that you’re actually stuck in – in the WEBSITE, in the NICHE, in the MARKETING, or are you stuck in all three of them?

You need to MOVE FORWARD out of this, let it go, let it be, and just get going and move forward. If you need help with designing your WEBSITE, designing your NICHE, designing your MARKETING, YES I can help you with that. All of my coaches in the SMJ Master Coach Program can help you as well.

You’ll see the website in this video. If you want some clarity, focus, direction and help with these areas of moving forward in your business, just REACH OUT TO US, go and check out the website and you’ll see how we can help you there.