If there is one thing I know it’s this, we simply cannot go through life thinking things won’t go wrong because more often than not, they do. I am not implying that we anticipate bad things will happen all the time but rather accept that, in life, there are ups and downs and somewhere along the line, you will encounter hardships and challenges. I believe there are three things that people naturally tend towards when faced with a crisis.

Firstly, when things go wrong we blame others. It’s like a reflex; every single time something takes a wrong turn we finger point. We blame the government, the environment, the customers, the team; we tend to blame everyone else when it’s really not their fault. It is not wise to finger point and blame other people. When things go wrong, the smartest thing to do is to pull yourself up and find solutions instead of putting the blame on everyone else.

The second thing I notice people do is blame themselves. When I talk to people or those whom I coach I always tell them that when things go wrong, look within. In my case, if things don’t pan out the way I would have wanted it, I self-assess. For example, if a team member messed up, instead of blaming them or blaming myself, I self-assess and go, “Did I give him enough time? Did I give him enough resources? What could I have done to make sure he succeeded?” The nice thing about self-evaluation is that it can make you a better person, self-blame doesn’t. Learn from your mistakes and do what you need to do so it won’t happen again.

Lastly, people start to believe in themselves and this is what you need to be doing. You tell yourself positive things like “I’m going to make myself better”, “I’m going to recruit better”, “I’m going to find the right customers” and so on. Despite everything, have faith in yourself that you can turn things around even after something has gone wrong.

When things go wrong in your personal life or in your business, don’t be discouraged but instead come out stronger, smarter and braver by putting a system in place so you won’t repeat the mistakes you made.

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