Becoming a fantastic coach and speaker starts by taking small steps. Getting more presentations and gigs does not only help you become well-known, but you will also have the opportunity to travel, meet and help more people, and build your credibility as a coach or speaker.

Being a speaker helps you gather and build social connections with different types of people everywhere. When you get more speaking gigs, you help your audiences solve their problems as well.

Do you want to learn how to start getting more gigs? Here are three top tips you need to remember.

1. Research. The people who are holding events, who are promoters, are organising at least 12 months out, sometimes, two years out. Look at the events that are happening now, and research the next time they will be happening. Sometimes they happen each year or every second year.
Then, make contact with those promoters or event organisers to talk about next year. I’ve got bookings for speaking gigs into next year already. The key is to work in advance. A lot of people are calling up event organisers a few months out, they’ve already got the speakers lined up, they’ve already got the marketing going, it’s way too late then.

2. Talk to everyone you know. Think about all the people who are holding their own events, talk to them, suggest that it might be a good idea for you to come along and add value to their audiences even if it’s not a multi-speaker event, they may speak themselves for the entire event, but if you suggest you come along and you have some value to add, then they will definitely say yes.

Tell people who aren’t holding events, you have to tell everybody that you are speaker and you have to remind them on a regular basis because they forget that that’s what you do even if they see it on social media, day in and day out, that you’re a speaker, they still forget so you have to be reminding people of what you do.

3. Hold your own events. You can also start organising your own events and get credibility as a speaker. By holding your own event, you can also get video footage and photos. After this, you can build your social media presence by posting these as promo videos.
If you want to learn more and find out how to get more gigs as a coach and speaker, visit my website for more information. There are a lot of resources to help you as a speaker and coach to achieve the goals you never thought possible.