It is a common belief that excellent coaches and speakers are not born; they are made. A lot of people feel lost and helpless because they put in a lot of effort and yet they don’t get the results that they expected.

If you are a speaker or a coach, here are three top tips for speakers who are just starting in the industry.

1. Act as if now. Act as if you are a speaker, acta s if you are a coach. Change your profiles on your social media, say that you are a speaker, say you are a coach even if you haven’t started. But once you decide you are, then you are. It doesn’t matter how many speaking gigs you’ve done or not done. If you believe you are, then you are.

It is significant to build a social media presence around being a speaker or being a coach.

2. Share your knowledge. Share what you know, start sharing what it is you want to speak or coach on. Start sharing the topics that you are most passionate about like mindset or growing a business. Share the topics through social media, blogs, newsletters, and the like. That way, people will start to understand what you do.

3. Get Help. Start joining groups that can help you achieve your goal. I can help you find a collective where you can grow your business and become an amazing coach or speaker at the same time. Groups like this brings together amazing speakers and coaches where you can collaborate and get help at the same time. You will feel motivated and inspired by being surrounded by people who understand your struggles, and are able to share your success.

Hang out with people who are in your industry where they will share their knowledge, and their expertise openly and honestly with you.

If you want to learn more and find out how to start your journey as a coach and speaker, visit my website for more information. If speaking and coaching are part of your business, there’s a lot of resources to help you out when you’re first starting and I can help you achieve that.