Did you know that three out of four individuals suffer from a fear of public speaking? That’s 75% of the population! The fear of giving a presentation or a speech usually stems from our own thoughts. We often think that people are going to criticize every word that comes out of our mouths, pressuring ourselves to be perfect because we can’t afford to be rejected.

If you continue on with this mindset, you’ll never be able to step out there and unleash your uniqueness, knowledge, and creativity. But the good news is that you have the power to increase your self-confidence and reduce your anxiety by changing the way you think. Believing in these three truths will help you do just that.

1. Your Speech Doesn’t Measure Your Worth

One of the reasons why people get discouraged to speak in public is that they usually equate it to self-worth. They instinctively think that if they won’t do well with their speech, they’re probably not that smart, creative, or eloquent. Remember that public speaking is a skill you can develop. If you’re not confident with how you speak, there are many different ways to help you become a better speaker. But keep in mind that your ability to speak in public, or the lack thereof, measure your value as a person.

2. Don’t Expect to Deliver a Perfect Speech (And Don’t Overthink!)

Cut yourself some slack because nobody’s perfect. You know that; we all know that. However, most people beat themselves up over a mistake or two. They like to wallow in their imperfections while failing to see what they have accomplished.

It helps to remember that even the most famous, experienced speakers make mistakes. When they do, it’s unlikely that the audience would notice because they keep on going about their speech gracefully. As if nothing happened. When you do make mistakes, don’t overthink because the audience most likely didn’t notice.

3. Channel Your Nervousness Into Something Useful

It’s normal to feel nervous before giving a big speech. But what’s not normal is that if you let the nervousness consume you – leaving you paralyzed. Think about it this way; nervousness is energy. It’s adrenaline pumping through your veins. Experienced speakers know this all too well. They channel this energy and turn it into something useful, such as charisma, enthusiasm, and engagement. So, when you feel nervous, make the energy work for you and not against you.

Out of the 75% of people who fear public speaking, only 8% will do something to become a more confident and effective speaker. Take action and let public speaking do wonders for your business.

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