I want to discuss with you the three types of tonality that you must use when speaking to an audience. It’s really important that when you’re speaking to an audience, you cover off on these three types of tonality. I share these with my attendees at my Grow Your Speaking Biz event which I’m holding here on the Gold Coast in August, where you can attend live or you can attend the live event virtually.

Let me share with you these three types of tonality. One, we liken it to an owl. This is your normal speaking voice. This is where you’re sort of the centre, and it shows a little bit of wisdom. It’s your default where you come back to when you’re speaking. Because we talk about tonality, and posture, and movement. In tonality, the owl is where you come back to as your normal voice.

The second one we liken to an eagle, and you use the eagle tonality when you’re asking your audience to take action. When you’re going through your call to action, what you want the audience to do, you use the eagle tonality. The third one we liken to a dove. That’s when you’re telling your story and that’s when you’re a little bit softer, you’re speaking a little bit slower, and you really want the audience to be on that journey with you.

They’re the three types of tonalities. One is your normal voice, your call to action, and the storytelling voice which is the owl, eagle, and the dove. When you attend my Grow Your Speaking Biz, I delve into this deeper and I show you all the aspects of the tonality, the pace, the pitch, and we deliver our talks making sure that we are utilising these three types of tonality.

I would love you to come to my event. At my Grow Your Speaking Biz event, at the end of the three days, you will have your 90-minute presentation. You’ll have a full 90-minute presentation designed, built, delivered, and you’ll have plenty of practice time to be confident with a 90-minute presentation, delivering it without notes and without PowerPoint

I’m going to share with you, not only tonality but other strategies so you can do that 90-minute presentation, be confident in doing it without notes or PowerPoint, and know the outcome of what you want to achieve at the end of that presentation. Tonality is just one little part of it to make sure you nail that presentation and have the audiences loving you, buying your product and service, and having the outcomes that you need. If you want to attend my event, you can do that live or virtually here on the Gold Coast in August. I’m so excited that you virtually can attend. It is not a webinar, it is not a Zoom meeting, this is you participating in a live event.