There are three ways to design your content. When you’re sharing things from stage, you really need to share it in a way where your audience will remember to relate and can take it away and utilize it in their life.

Three Ways to Designing Your Content

The STEPS: Make it into steps so step one, step two, step three or my program is speaking from stage is steps. S-T-E-P-S. Design it so it can be remembered by your audience.

A Pyramid or a Funnel: We know the food pyramid whether we agree with it or not, somewhere in our lives, we’ve heard about the food pyramid. What we should and shouldn’t eat and what portions we should or shouldn’t eat. To design it in a pyramid or a funnel or a design, like that.

In a Sequence: First, we do this. Second, we do that. Third, we do this.

It must be in a sequence so people will understand. First thing I’ve got to do is this. Second thing I’ve got to do is this. Third thing I have to do is this.

That’s just three ways of how you can design your content when you’re delivering this to your audiences.

To recap, put it into steps: one, two, three. In a pyramid, or a funnel type diagram, or in a sequence. First step, second, third, and then the audience will really be clear on what needs to happen for them to get a great outcome.

Grow Your Business to a Whole New Level

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