3 Ways to Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort ZoneAre you afraid of change? Are you too constrained in your own world that it bothers you when a sudden move is needed? Change is inevitable, it’s constant and when you can’t cope with the change and the moment you find yourself living within your comfort zone is the time that you have to consider pushing yourself to the limits. Here are a few ways to expose yourself to the idea of change and how it can benefit you to become a better person in the process.


If there’s one word that describes comfort zone, that would be “pothole” or “deep hole”. The best way to do away with living in your comfort zone is to not call it your comfort zone; because once you do, you render yourself to complacency. It will cripple you, it will limit yourself to just be content with whatever is happening in your life just because you are in the comfort of your family, friends, neighbourhood, or job.

You have to be on your toes always, looking out to widen your horizon and embrace change. It is in these kinds of circumstances that you will discover yourself and challenge yourself more to become a better individual.


When we are in the “zone”, we feel that we are in our best selves; which is wrong. You can never gauge your success through repeating the same things in your life. There has to be something that motivates you to do more, to push for more. You need to find that one thing that will challenge yourself to achieve your goals, which may include a marathon, a difficult DIY project, or even a BIG move! I recently moved to an apartment building which my staff call a “penthouse”. It’s not as big as my old home but it has all the amenities that we need but the move proved to be great for everybody.3 Ways to Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone Thumbnail


They say those that haven’t learned since they were 21 and refuses to learn is doomed to a deep hole, and will be doing the same routine for the next 30 years of their lives! Now that sounds disgusting! You should be excited for new things to come, for new challenges to conquer, and for great things to happen. You can’t just sit and wait for awesome and amazing things to happen, you should be ready to learn new things each day and go with the flow. After all, the only constant in this world is change and you have to learn to adapt to it.

Having gone through a lot of life-changing decisions in life, I must say that I was able to achieve what I have today because I constantly pushed myself to do better. At times when I have myself and intuition to rely to, I held on and thrived. You should too! Don’t just settle in your comfort zone; get your amazing self out there and make a difference!