In this article, I want to share with you four posture positions to engage your audience. When I talk about posture, it’s about your movements on stage. You can do this if you’re doing a video in a virtual event or at a live event. I want to share with you the four positions. One, we call the owl. This is when you’re in a wisdom mode. When people are asking you questions, when you’re delivering some wisdom, there is a position of the owl.

The second one is eagle. How are you positioned to deliver a call to action? When you want someone to take action, it might be only just thinking differently, then you use the posture of the eagle. The next one is the dove. You use the posture of a dove, which is a lot softer when you’re sharing your story, and when you’re sharing a moment where you want people to ponder, empathise with you, relate to you, and build rapport with you.

The next and final one is the kookaburra. That’s when you’re having fun, having laughter, joking with the audience, and really letting your hair down. You might say, “Well, I’m not a comedian, I don’t think I’m funny.” As a speaker when you’re delivering content to your audience, you always have fun. There’s always an opportunity to be in a posture of the kookaburra.

To summarise, these are the four positions I use; the owl, when you’re delivering wisdom or listening to questions, the eagle, when you’re in action taking mode, the dove, when you’re telling your story in storytelling mode and also the kookaburra when you’re having great fun.

It’s important to use these postures on stage. These postures are about positioning on stage if you’re at a live event and also your body language around them. At my Grow Your Speaking Biz, I not only share with you these four postures but we delve deeper into them and really how to do these four posture positions, where you need to be positioned, and what those positions look like, so you are delivering that same message with your posture as well as your words.

It’s very important that you locate yourself on the stage if you’re at a live event in those particular places that will give off the correct posture. At my Grow Speaking Biz, it’s a three-day event, we’re holding it here on the Gold Coast in August, you can attend live with limited numbers and you can also attend my live event virtually. This is not a webinar. You will feel like you’re in the room. We have amazing technology and an amazing production company to make sure that you are attending live through virtual technology.

At the end of those three days, you will have your presentation, whether you’re delivering it virtually or on stage, in whatever timeframe you need, but we will be delivering a full 90-minute presentation. You will have designed it, built it, presented it without notes, without a PowerPoint, confidently knowing the outcome from stage. When I say stage, that can be a video like this, and you will be confident to go and do that immediately after those three days.

You don’t have to go home and build anything. You don’t have to go home and design anything. It is done in those three days, whether you attend live or virtually, we’ve set it up so you have the same experience and know exactly the outcomes that you want to achieve when you’re speaking to your audiences. Posture is just one component of the whole presentation that we cover off on and make sure you are solid on stage to be that amazing speaker and have those audiences really connect with you.