When we’re speaking from stage, whether online or offline, in any environment, there is a portion of your presentation where you will share knowledge and expertise with your audience. 

We can just waffle on all day just talking about things that we’re very passionate about, but there’s a real structure that amazing speakers use to make sure that their teaching or their sharing is really relatable to the audience and the audience actually gets while you’re sharing that with them. 

The Four Components 

  1. WHY

Why do they need to listen to this? 

Why are you sharing this with them? 

Why is it relevant to them? And 

Why do they need to use this service or product? 

  1. WHAT

What is it actually that you’re talking about? 

They may never have heard about your product or service before then.

  1. HOW

How do they use it? 

How long does it take? 

How much commitment do they need to give? 

You cover off all those questions that they may be asking around how do they get involved? 

  1. WHAT IF

This is where you deal with the questions that they may have. If you open a question time, you bring the question time in. Otherwise, you will answer those questions in a prerecorded presentation. 

If you design your teaching or your sharing of expertise or knowledge into these four areas in this order, the audience will understand and really connect with you in a much deeper level.

Put your information into those FOUR AREAS presented in that way, and your audiences will learn at a greater level, and they’ll have a full understanding of what you’re wanting to share with them. 

Your Action Matters

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