morning personMorning people are generally happier than their nocturnal counterparts. They tend to accomplish more and create a subdued countenance perfect for meditating and thinking about what greater heights to achieve. But everyone has their own way of approaching mornings with character, and among them are these five morning habits of happy and successful people.

Rise and Shine Early

Many successful business people go to bed early and rise early in the morning when the body and mind has more will power and there is less distraction. The quiet in the morning also sets the tone of the day and it lets you do the necessary morning rituals. Sleeping through your alarm will dampen your spirit, affect your day’s productivity at work, so beginning the day without the rush can make all the difference to yourself and your business.

Eat a Hearty Breakfast

Breakfast provides you with all the essential nutrients, minerals and energy you are going to need for the day. Happy and successful people know this is important that they never skip this meal.

Connecting to a Higher Power

Happy and successful people connect to higher divine power to start their day. As they wake up, they dedicate some time to mindfulness, prayer, meditation, or yoga. These are all valuable ways of connecting to the present reality and savoring these precious moments before going on auto-pilot.

Exercise to Energise

I cannot give more emphasis on how important exercise in the morning is, I do it and I do it regularly! It is not a matter of whether I love it but a matter of the need to do it until it becomes a habit.

I start the day off at four in the morning exercising and found myself really functioning well and being productive when I exercise in the morning. It may not always be an exercise that happens in the gym, you can walk your dog or drive your bike if you want, as long as you exercise and you feel energized doing it.

Happiness AlwaysChoose Joy

Forty percent of your time in a day is only routine and you run on auto-pilot half the time. Don’t make that your case, happy and successful people make gratitude, joy and mindfulness a part of that habit and it always works for them, especially in the morning.

These morning habits does not happen overnight, you don’t just wake up with a happiness pill and everything is sunny all of a sudden. These habits take some work! It will take patience. Happy and successful people do not just sit down hoping vaguely for random happy events to knock on their door, they believe that happiness is a decision. What about you, what are your morning habits?