Champion Advice from the Franchise Woman of the Year of 2014 – Sharon Jurd


5 Strategies on How to be Winners in BusinessWhat makes a team and how can they succeed? A team is composed of people who work for the same purpose and goal, whether it be for a basketball game or business. You need to have a cohesive team to be successful, one that aims to benefit each other and not just individual gains.

Here are 5 strategic approaches on how to succeed in business and how to uphold it:

We Are Family

Three small words but constitutes big impact to the business you are trying to build or sustain. You will be spending most of your waking time in the office so it is important that you treat your company collectively as family. Treat them with respect and gratitude and the same will be given to you and your family.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

A person’s happy disposition comes from the fact that he is happy in his job, most often than not, people with job dissatisfaction are those who are quick to get angry and have very low self-esteem. If you want to be guaranteed that your team works hard for you, look after their well-being, it is not to say you have to buy them gifts regularly, though it is a plus. J A stable, stress-free work environment and one that’s proactively listening to your team’s contribution to the company are what truly makes a happy team member.

Just the Best

It cannot be stressed more that hiring passionate people – one who sees and gets you vision and equally believes in it. It is important to hire the right people. Enthusiasm will do more for your company, but more importantly a positive attitude will make your company a winner.

Pass it On

Delegate, delegate, delegate. That is the key to bring your business to higher levels of success. You cannot do it all alone, you have to pass it on to the people who are better than you. Surely, you don’t know everything! I know there are people who are uncomfortable with hiring people and delegating the work.5 Strategies on How to be Winners in Business Thumbnail

The Ripple Effect

Lastly, remember that it all starts with you. A positive working attitude of your team starts with you. Even if you have the best people on your team but they are demotivated, they will not function well and won’t deliver their best results. Regularly show them that you appreciate their effort in helping to achieve the company goals. Also demonstrate that you can be trusted and you can bring positivity to the work environment. Be the change that you want. Be an example of hard work and perseverance. Be the epitome of success!

At the end of each day, these are what keeps me on top of my game in all my businesses. I am motivated to be the best boss that I can be. I can say that I do have a happy team in Hydrokleen, Sharon Jurd Events, and 12 Week Business Academy, they love delivering the best of themselves which ultimately brings more successes to the company and I couldn’t be more happier!