Work Smarter, Faster 3Do you have a lot of work piling up? Does it seem so hard to focus on what to do that it affects your efficiency and effectivity as a person? If the answers to these questions are a resounding yes, then you might be interested in finding these 5 tips to work smarter and faster.

Turn Off Technology While at Work

I know it’s hard because you might be used to having to tinker on your mobile phone while you’re working, constantly checking on your social media feeds, the latest news, or that tweet that you’ve been following. But if you really want to be productive, focus on what’s more important. Technology can be helpful, but sometimes it slows you down.

Schedule an hour or two each day, either in the morning or evening to turn off your smartphone and just focus on working. No distractions. Just you and your work. You will be amazed how an hour without email notifications or engaging in Facebook can do for you.

Plan on a Structure and Finish on Time

Most people function very well following a structure. Give an allotted time for each task and follow it by heart; think and carefully plan a time when you are most productive. Not all structures are effective for everybody, yours may not be suitable for other people so it is important that you know when you are most productive without interruptions and distractions.

Set a time for each task that you will be working on, don’t procrastinate.

Declutter Your DeskOrganized Office Space 3

Your desk will say so much about you and your work ethic. Live by the mantra, less clutter – less stress. You can never go wrong with that. By having an organized work area, it will be easier to find things and clear your head, especially when you are on high stress level project or task.

Create a “calm zone”, have a small space on your desk where you can take a glimpse at or turn to whenever your stress level is getting high. You can add a scented candle to bring in the clean and calming vibe and atmosphere.

Silent Zone/Shut the Door

There will be days at the office or at home that are just really chaotic and tasks are just piling up, one piece of advice, close the door. And if you’re sharing cubicle with an officemate, put on the “silent zone” sign. Keep yourself from the temptation of talking and not meeting deadlines. It can be detrimental to your productivity and your career as well.

Multitask – NOT!

If you must work on two major tasks in one day, plan the whole day according to the most important task. Determine which one is top priority, learn to let go of very minute issues and focus on one task at once. Few people are gifted to multitask, but often times, multitasking can make you ineffective. It diminishes the quality of work that you can offer because your thoughts jump from one thing to another.

To put it in a clearer perspective, know what to work on first and move on to another. If you find yourself really stressed out with work and it slows down your productivity level, follow these tips and work smarter and faster.