7 Determining Factors between Successful and Unsuccessful PeopleWhat makes a successful person from the unsuccessful one? What defines them? There is a clear cut difference between the successful people from the unsuccessful. The habits and decisions will determine how you become as an individual and whether you will make it big or not.

“Successful people do all the things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do”, said John Paul DeJoria owner of Paul Michell hair products and Patron tequila, sounds good to you?  Success means hard work. You cannot equate success with luck, let us understand more deeply the habits of that successful people and define them with their values and standards from the common mistakes unsuccessful people do.

  1. Successful people want to see others succeed; unsuccessful people want the people around them to fail. They bask in the failures of others thinking they succeeded and others did not.
  2. Successful people are not afraid of change, successful people understand that in order to move forward, change is inevitable. Unsuccessful people do not embrace change, they’d rather be stuck doing the same things than to risk change and fail.
  3. Successful people talk about ideas, unsuccessful people talk about people. Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discussevents; small minds discuss people.” Now, you choose.
  4. Successful people take responsibility for their words and actions, and accept their failures. These kinds of people take charge of their success while unsuccessful people do the blame game.7 Determining Factors between Successful and Unsuccessful People Thumbnail
  5. Successful people continuously want to learn new things, they know that there can be so much to learn from the world; while unsuccessful people refuse to change and learn new things.
  6. Giving compliments and showing their appreciation is not hard for successful people, unsuccessful people criticize just for the sake of criticizing and showing people they’re in charge.
  7. Lastly, successful people forgive and forget. They don’t hold grudges but unsuccessful people burn bridges; they are too caught up with their own world that they tend to cut their connections from the people who truly care for them.

Being successful goes beyond the need to have the latest luxury car or million dollar houses, being successful is what you’ve become as a person after all the praises and honours are given to you. The defining moment is how you treat the people around you when you’re on top, because those are the people who will stick with you no matter what. After all, character is what matters in every aspect of life.