Excuses are common for people who settle for less. The truth is that our minds are the greatest blocks in getting us started in pursuing the dreams and the life we want. It is not going to be easy. But if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you surely will never say any of these things.

1. I don’t have enough money

Believe with the end mind. Many people start their journey to success even before they are ready to embrace the positive outcome of their actions. They know that what is important is taking action rather than to sit and wait. A great idea and the right motivation push you to find and discover what will come out of your venture.

2. I’ll do it when…

Totally wrong! Being successful is not about just waiting around. You need to act upon it and accept the responsibility and take charge of the situation. Most times those excuses you make are just a reason not to fulfill what you really want to go after. Do not procrastinate, go after what you want because there will never be a perfect time to pursue your dreams. The time to start is now!

3. What if I fail?

So what? At least you’ve tried. You can sulk and cry but at least you will have an idea what to do next and you can improve on it. Staying and waiting in the comfort zone of mediocrity and security is not an exact fit for an achiever! With failure comes learning and experience. And this is important if you want to succeed.

4. I think I’m too old…

Age is just a number they say, that goes for both love and success. Many have started their careers, businesses at an old age who became success stories. Take Colonel Sanders for example, the success story of KFC begun at his age of 60. Mary Kay started her success story to becoming the cosmetic giant of Mary Kay at age 45. Age is not an excuse to not achieve things, you have to be more creative, think faster and act better. Being old means you have matured enough and know the value of hard work and going after your dreams.

5. Nobody will help me…

No one started out knowing the right people. You had to start at a certain point any way, the hard work you put into something will get you noticed by the right people. Don’t go for wishful thinking, get on social media and utilize it to its fullest capacity. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are just the major social media organizations you can connect to your audience. Attend conferences, reach out and gain knowledge by attending seminars and workshops. You have the right energy and fire to keep on going, you will meet the right people.

6. I don’t have time

There is never enough time. The statement is a sign of resignation and it is not good, we all have 24 hours every day. And that is it. If that is not enough to start the journey and hit the right buttons, then you really don’t want to go anywhere. Most successful people are effective time managers. They accomplish tasks as planned, they love what they are doing so much that they wake up as early as possible to get started. Find time, that’s what I’m saying.

7. I am not motivated

You are responsible for your own self. You can’t go around looking for motivation, otherwise you will be disappointed with a lot of criticisms. You cannot rely on anybody for some pep talk, you are your own motivator. Some people can only give you motivation at a certain point, the question is: What if they stop? Will you stop also? You cannot depend on anybody for support, you have to embody the strength and channel that to people around you, that way you will influence others to believe in you.

These justifications will push you to become an underachiever. Do not limit yourself, make room for changes and embrace them. And if you want to learn more on how to become successful in all your endeavours, the 12 Week Business Academy will help you realize your goals and be the best ACHIEVER you can be! Contact us now.