7 Signs You Are ThrivingTo go through life without difficulty must be a bore, having gone through a lot of failures and challenges in life personal or career wise has helped me become forgiving of myself and other people. The road to becoming a better person can hit us hard even the strongest of hearts can’t take once you have been hit hard by failure after failure. But once you move past the hurt, anger, and frustration you’ll find yourself moving into a more positive direction leading to your better self.

You Prosper in Learning

The greatest authors and businessmen have one thing in common – they love to learn every day! These great men has proved time and again that learning will lead you to places you’ve never been and realize things that you never imagined. As Mahatma Gandhi put it “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

You will find yourself thriving if you find joy in learning and you are motivated to apply the things you have learned. Learning new things will help you widen your horizon and move through life with ease.

You Know Who You Are

Sometimes we are all so engrossed with life’s responsibilities and complexities that we tend to forget who we really are. We live by what the society dictates us and it really is sad to know that a lot of people forget who they are anymore.

Knowing who you are and what you want will give you a deeper understanding of the more important things and will also help you actualize your goals. It is a lot easier to head towards a direction you want to take if you truly know who you really are.

Controlling Your Destiny

You know you are thriving when you know what you really want you control the things that happen in your life and not the other way around. Richard Branson or Oprah or Mark Zuckerberg were not destined to be billionaires, they made it happen. They knew what they want, planned to succeed, and failed many times but still able to rise up each moment. And they did not wait for something great to happen overnight, they acted upon it, claimed success to their hand and controlled their destiny. Now if everybody could replicate that. J

You Accomplish Goals

And you accomplish with flying colors! It doesn’t matter if you accomplished with ease or not, what’s important is you accomplished them. You should always be a finisher, not just a starter. You should push harder every day to accomplish goals and finish the race, the satisfaction it gives is incomparable.

Earning the Life You Live

Your success will depend on however way you live it. You must tell yourself once in a while that “I deserve whatever it is I have in life right now, because I earned it.” You can only say you are thriving when you have that feeling of gratification that you don’t accept handouts anymore because you know that it is worthless.7 Signs You Are Thriving Thumbnail

Be with Like-Minded People

As the saying goes, “if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.” We all have friends who we love to hang out with but who are also very cynical and holds you in attaining success that you are destined to have. Surround yourself with the right people who you can discuss things with and get ideas from. These people can be your mentor who will be your source of inspiration and motivation.

Wanting the Best for Yourself and Others

This might be the best description of a thriving person because you no longer are jealous of other people’s accomplishment and you don’t see competition with other people. You are confident in yourself and you want to push others to attain the same success as you have. You are now in a position where you can help others better themselves without losing yourself in the process.

To thrive is to grow or develop well or vigorously and these 7 signs will make it easier for you to thrive wherever you are. Be the positive change that you want, set an example, help those in need, and always aim for the best version of yourself!