7 Tips in Making Your Personal Brand for Social Media a SuccessThe world of business has greatly evolved its branding and marketing efforts through the use of social media. From advertising solely in tri-media (TV, radio, and print) before, businesses has hit social media by storm! It is now important that a company whether big or small have Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and blogs to tap their targeted niche market.

In the world of marketing, the process that involves creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns and social media marketing with a consistent theme is called branding. It aims to establish a significant presence in the market that is cut above the rest and attracts new customers and works on retention of loyal customers as well. Here are seven tips to remember:

  • Finding your Niche

You have to ask yourself, what sets your business apart from all the rest. There must be one thing that makes you stellar in your industry. For example if you are in the restaurant business, what is it that you can deliver that other myriad of restaurants can’t? You have to decide what you want to be known for.

  • Consistency is Key

Keep the same profile name, image, banners, and feel on all your social media accounts. In other words, theming. Your audience and prospective customers they should be able to know and cement a picture of you when they visit your social media sites. The posts and content will vary but feel and effect or theming should be consistent on all your social media accounts.

  • Engaging Daily 7 Tips in Making Your Personal Brand for Social Media a Success thumbnail

What this basically means is that you have to communicate with your followers and subscribers daily! Make yourself accessible to your valued customers, share with them relatable, reliable, and relevant posts that would create a great impact in creating a brand for your business. The frequency of posts will make or break your attempt in creating a loyal online community who takes part on all your online activities. But do remember to know the difference between being informative and being annoying. J Schedule posts in a timely manner and talk to them and listen to their stories, there is nothing warmer than bringing a personal touch to your page by replying to their comments and letting them feel that they’re valued.

  • Building Connection

We live in a fast and ever-evolving world that has greatly changed and adapted social media connection in our lives. What was once a challenging communication gap of consumers and business owners; it has now become a huge online world of possibilities. Follow-up on connections built, stay in touch and follow-through promises.

  • Monitor and Reply

Engaging your customer does not stop in the relevant postings, tweets, or uploads. In fact, it never stops. Reply to comments, take notice of “mentions”, and take action within 24 hours. 53% of users who tweet and made mention at a company or business brand expect a reply within minutes, so take advantage of this opportunity and never miss it. It could be your chance in making a good impression.

  • Be Open to Change

As they say, the only constant in the world is change. Open yourself up to new strategies, study your competitors ranking and why they succeed, go out beyond your comfort zone and find out what works really best for your company. And just like all other changes in your life, it will be a hit or a miss but the only good thing about it is social media is an ever dynamic platform, so there is always room for improvement.

  • Embrace and Find Other Networks

Remember MySpace? Or Friendster? It was a hit years ago until Facebook came in the scene as the king of social networking. Don’t tie yourself in a box, be one to experience a revolutionary effect. Get on the ground of new unnamed platforms because for sure there are still many to come. J

In summary, these are all just tips on how you can create a brand for yourself and your company. Establishing a personal brand is something you can do, learn new things, keep yourself abreast with the trend, and focus on the core value of your company – you can never go wrong with that. Give yourself time to follow a pattern and just enjoy the ride!