A lot of people out there feel like they’re a fraud but what does that mean?

Let’s find out!

  1. Do you tell lies?

Outright lies to clients, suppliers, your team and so forth. If you tell lies, consider yourself a fraud. Be honest with yourself. Look at all your relationships and ask yourself, “Am I lying to these people or am I being downright honest even vulnerable in these conversations?”

  1. You’re not delivering on your promise.

If you say you’re going to send something to someone today or tomorrow and you don’t do it. Then, you’re not delivering on those promises. Get disciplined in within yourself if you make a promise to somebody and say to them, ‘I’m going to send you this, I’m going to get you that, I’ll go and do this for you”, then make sure you do.

  1. Are you selling a dodgy product or service?

Dodgy means “It doesn’t work.” If you’re selling a program, make sure it has so much value in it that your clients or your participants will be extremely happy, and you know in your heart that it will work for them.

Let’s get recap on the three:

  • Are you telling lies? No!
  • Are you delivering on your promises? Yes!
  • Are you delivering a dodgy product? No!

You are not a fraud.

Make sure you are charging what you are worth because you are not a fraud.

You’re the real deal and your clients will work that out very quickly.