A lot of us talk about being afraid of failure. A lot of people who come for coaching or in my Master Coach Program actually have a greater fear of being successful. There are a couple of areas, so you can check in with yourself, and go, “Is it a fear of failure or is it a fear of success?”

What Is It That You Don’t Do?

There are things in your life and your business that you know that you must be doing or should. We know that that’s a very powerful word but things that would help you achieve your success whatever that is for you and we just don’t do them, and quite often people go “I know I should be doing that” or “I know that if I did that, that would change my life, but I am not.”


Are you purposely sabotaging yourself so you will not be successful? Someone may call in, interested in your product or your service and you don’t call them back. “I’ll get back to them tomorrow,” “I’ve been busy.” 

You make all these excuses about why you didn’t call them back, and then it gets so long down the track and go, “Oh yeah well they wouldn’t have worked with me anyway,” “I know them, they don’t have the money.” 

Whatever the reasoning you come up with. There can be very strong self-sabotage in your life and your business, and you can blame other people for sabotaging yourself as well.

I hear quite often, “Every time I want to go on a diet and lose weight, my husband feeds me cakes and ice cream and chocolates.” You attract other people to sabotage you. They’re not really. That’s your own self-sabotage because you’re saying YES to that food.

We Just Make Excuses About Our Success 

“That’s for other people”

“I don’t have enough money”

“I’m not pretty enough”

“I’m not the right color” 

“I’m not the right sex”

“I’m not the right whatever” 

You put these excuses up to give you a definition of why you’re not successful. If you’re doing any of these things, you may possibly have a fear of success, and you really need to check in with that. 

It’s Time To Move Forward!

If you want to check in and alleviate your fear of failure or fear of success, it’s really great to get a coach around you who has some modalities around being able to release this fear for you, so you can catapult yourself with great momentum forward and not be continually going forward – back – forward – back, or not even forward, just being stuck.

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