The question I want to ask you today is… Are you alone? Are you alone in your life? Are you alone in your business? Are you alone in your successes? Are you alone in your failures? There can be lots and lots of people around you, but you can still be alone. I want to talk about how you become ‘not alone.’

How do you feel being surrounded by people who truly are concerned about your successes, concerned about your failures, who want to see you succeed, who want to help you through different times in your life and your business? The first thing we need to look at is, WHO ARE THE 5 PEOPLE YOU ARE HANGING OUT WITH?

Make sure that you have five people around you who are more successful than you, who may have done something similar to you previously, or had successes, maybe not in your industry, but in another industry that you could be inspired by.

Be strategic in going, “Who are these five people?” If you’re hanging around negative nancies, nay-sayers, people sitting at home saying that we’re all doomed, that no one can be successful and have all these limiting beliefs around demographics, and your upbringing and all that sort of stuff, that you’ll never make it, that’s not the people you need to be hanging around with.

Choose five people who are POSITIVE, who can see a bright future for themselves and you. BUT THESE FIVE PEOPLE, YOU NEED TO BE HANGING AROUND THEM REGULARLY, not just seeing them once every 12 months. These five people need to be in your life and be a regular occurrence, and experience in your life. THEY NEED TO BE LONG-TERM.

I know people come in and out of your life for different reasons. You can hang around someone, go to an event, hang around them for three days, five days, four days, and then they’re gone again. Choose somebody like a because my belief is that everybody needs a coach. The thing that I love about coaching is it is longer term. You just don’t go to an event for a day, and you go, “Yes, I hung around five motivated people for a day.” That’s not enough. I love coaching because it’s LONG-TERM. You need that regular occurrence of having somebody in your life that has a passion, as much as you do about your life and your business.

This is my task for you today: Identify those five people. Have you got a coach? Have you got a mentor? Are you meeting with them regularly? Is it long-term? In my , that’s what I love. I help coaches grow their business, and they get me long-term because I identified a number of years ago now that running an event, coming in, or even speaking for 90 minutes, “I wasn’t making as much impact as I wanted to in people’s lives.”

When you come into my program, it’s not a 30-day program or a 60-day program. This is LIFE-LONG. If you want , we do six months because we make a massive impact, and you have to take that longer term commitment to see MASSIVE RESULTS. If you think by going along to a one-day event or a two-hour webinar, it’s going to change your life; it may because it changed your life to take action to a longer-term relationship with that person.

Have you got a coach in your business right now? If not, EXPLORE YOUR CHOICES. Go to my website and see what is on offer there. There are coaches there waiting to help you; there’s my Program; there are all sorts of resources there where you can get the help you need.