It’s easier to blame others than to take responsibility for our failures. I know this is true because at some point I’ve experienced it myself. Let me ask you something and I want you to be very honest with your answer. When you fail and someone asks you why, are you going to tell him that it was your fault that you didn’t study hard enough? Or didn’t double up on your efforts? Or are you going to say, “It was the professor’s fault.” Or you say, “It was my editor’s fault she missed a few lines.”

Whenever something bad happens to you whether personally or professionally what’s the first thing that you do? Are you going to find the scapegoats or are you going to ask yourself what you did that led you to this outcome? More often than not, we put the blame on others. We blame the economy. We blame the government. We blame everyone around us for the mistakes and the decisions we made for ourselves.

And now the sad part about all this finger pointing is that it doesn’t improve your skills and it doesn’t improve your performance. When you keep on blaming others you are labeled as an Outie but if you look within yourself and find ways on how to improve your life and your business then you can consider yourself an Innie. When you weigh the two, which one is actually better? Do you think that being an Outie can make your life much more comfortable and your business more profitable? I don’t think so.

My advice is for you to look within yourself. Don’t blame the government. Don’t blame the weather. Don’t blame your professor or your editor. If you’re afraid that your decisions can lead to mistakes, don’t be. There is plenty of time for you to rectify the wrongs. One way of improving is by learning from your mistakes. Make as many mistakes as you can (not deliberately, of course) and learn from them. Through these mistakes you become wiser and smarter. And in the future, when you encounter similar circumstances you would already know what to do. The thing about being an Outie is that it doesn’t improve the situation and you don’t learn much from it or anything at all.

So today, I urge you to be an Innie. Whenever circumstances come your way, study it, learn from it and ask yourself what can you do to make it better. This is how it should be if you want to excel and succeed in your business because success starts with yourself.