Are you fighting in your relationships with your family, friends, workmates, loved ones, clients, and employees? Are you fighting all the time?

First, acknowledge that you are. If you are, then things can change. Can we change other people’s behavior? Yes, we can! How we do that is by changing our own behavior.

Secondly, what you do is you look within yourself. If something is going wrong in your life or your business, look within and work on yourself because by changing yourself, you change other people’s behavior. Weird but true.

Thirdly, what you need to do is change your own behavior, and then you will see other people’s behavior changing. If you see a lot of angry people around, then that is your anger. Where are you being angry in your life? So if you’re happier, more vibrant, more social, you’ll start to see that other people are more social, happier, and more vibrant.

My advice to you is to check out all your relationships:

  • Are you fighting all the time and being angry and not having great relationships?
  • Look within yourself. You will see a change in others by changing yourself.
  • Go ahead and change your behavior and see the difference in other people’s reactions. You’ll see the world in a whole different light.

If you think that you would like some help around changing your own behavior, having better relationships, and making your world a better place, I help people every day through my Breakthrough Sessions.

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