This is really a negative question to be asking, but it’s a really important one because what people are coming and inquiring about coaching, whether it be in SMJ Master Coach Program or one-on-one coaching, and they really aren’t getting real with themselves. They are not willing to acknowledge what is really going on for them.

“I’m posting.”

People would go, “I’m posting everywhere on social media. I’m not getting any income or clients from that.” When we talk about posting on social media, there’s so many areas of that. It becomes very complicated. Are you posting on the social media where your potential clients or strategic clients are hanging out? Are you posting every day? How often?

There’s so many questions, but they just say, “I’m posting, and it’s not happening.” They probably, most times, are posted very inconsistently and I say in business, there is two important things and that’s to be consistent and persistent at what you’re doing.

“I’m networking.”

When I ask questions around their networking activities, whether it be online or offline, yeah – they’re hanging out with people. They’re going to all of these functions, but they’re not meeting up with people afterwards to have real in-depth conversations and build relationships.

They’re friendly with people at these functions. But they’re not doing the business; they’re not building the relationships, and they’re not finding out all the information about the other business owner – If it’s a business networking group and what they’re doing.

Because some people own more than one business and do 101 things in their business and you’re not taking the time to find out about these people, and really having those longer in-depth conversations.

“I’m doing everything to grow my business.” 

What is everything? When you say that there are a million and one things you could be doing to grow your business, and when the business owners talk, they are not doing everything. They’ve done the things they wanted to do for a very short time, then they’ve stopped doing it because they say it doesn’t work. “I sent out 82 emails, and I got no replies.” Well, good for you! What else did you do? What’s the everything?

It’s like a rocking horse. You’re on the rocking horse. Rocking the horse, but you’re not going anywhere. You’re pretending to be busy. You’re telling yourself you’re doing everything, “I’m posting.” “I’m networking.” “I’m doing everything.” And you’re not! You’re probably scrolling through the post, looking at everybody else’s posts. You go into the networking function, chatting to a lot of people but not making the appointments to meet up with them later on.

It’s Time to Take Action

You haven’t tried everything. Get real with yourself. Stop lying about it and ask better questions. “What can I do better?” “What else should I be doing or could be doing or learning to do?” And adding that to your ideal week and making sure that you’re covering off on those important income earnings strategies during the week to give you the income results that you’re after.

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