I want to ask you the question, are you materialistic? The reason I’m asking you this question is because I talk to a lot of people who are in coaching businesses and other industries where they say, “I don’t like to buy materialistic things.” They feel that it’s ego-driven and people are showing off and they can have a lot of limiting beliefs that people with fancy cars, lots of jewelry and fancy houses, are not nice people.

Do you have a limiting belief around that? It’s not a bad thing to be materialistic. I don’t have any qualms about it. If people want to go and buy flashy things, and that’s their thing, then good on them. I want to celebrate in their successes because if they’ve worked their butt off, if they’ve gone and done what was needed to be done, they didn’t give up, they stayed focused, they’ve got good people around them, they attended events, and they want to go and buy something flashy to reward themselves for all of that effort, I want to be the first to pat them on the back.

They deserve recognition, they deserve success, they deserve to be rewarded for doing what they need to do. Not everybody wants to go and buy a flashy car, or flashy jewelry, or big houses. We’ve all got different needs and wants, likes and dislikes. What I don’t want you to do is be afraid of looking materialistic. If you’re going, “Oh, I don’t know about this,” I want you to start out small.

What I want you to do is, when something exciting happens in your life, reward yourself. I’m not saying you’ll have to go and spend money you don’t have and go into debt; I’m not even saying it has to be extravagant, just start small. It might just be a pair of earrings that you’ve wanted to buy for quite some time, they’re not that expensive, they’re not that flashy, but it’s a reward for yourself. I’m saying to you that you’ll know what your thing is. Some people say, “Oh, it’s jewelry all day.” Some people will say, “It’s shoes all day,” which is why you hear about people having hundreds of pairs of shoes.

Other people say it’s clothes, other people say it’s cars. It might be phones, I always make sure that I’ve got the most up-to-date phone and I’m swapping my phone quite regularly because that’s just my thing. I like to be up-to-date in the technology and so I reward myself with buying a new phone. I’ve done the work during the year and I get to reward myself with that. That doesn’t make me egotistical, that doesn’t make me a bad person. I drive a flashy car.

People say, “If you’ve got all these things, you must have stomped on people along the way,” and all sorts of other stuff. It’s not that. What I want you to do is just relax, if you’re sitting here going, “I’ve got these feelings about ego and being materialistic,” what I’m asking you today is just let go of that, it’s not a bad thing to own materialistic things. It’s not. If you don’t want to buy things, buy experiences. John and I do that quite often for each other, or most often now. We don’t need things, we don’t want things, we want experiences, if it’s just a weekend away or a night in a hotel, an experience of going somewhere just to go for a drive, going somewhere we’ve never been before.

What we do is have that experience so it’s not seen as materialistic by people, but it still can be seen as materialistic by having those experiences all the time. For us, my belief is that people can come and take from you your jewelry, your car, it can all be gone tomorrow, but they can’t take away your experiences. When you experience something that’s totally amazing, when you see something with someone that you love, no one can take that away from you. What I’m saying to you is, don’t be afraid to reward yourself, don’t be afraid to spend time, energy and money on yourself, because you deserve it.

I reward myself sometimes with going to events. I’ve spent a lot of money on going and educating myself. I set myself goals that if I reach certain goals, this will be my reward that I will go to that event. You might set yourself a goal to come along to my event called Grow Your Coaching Biz Workshop. If you want to grow your coaching business, I run a 3- day workshop here on the Gold Coast.

If you’re interested in growing your business so you have more money, more time, more life to do the things that you want to do, come along and in those three days I will show you how you can increase your income in your business absolutely dramatically, immediately, and this is no sales pitch, there are guarantees around attending my event. Come along and I hope that I get to meet you at my other event.