Are you playing safe? Are you playing small? What’s your thinking around your life and your business? Are you holding back in some way?

We might not know why we’re doing it, but I wanted to give you some tips around how you can start playing bigger and getting out of that nice warm safe environment you’re in and get out and feel a little bit uncomfortable in a good way. I’m not saying out of your comfort zone as such, but feeling uncomfortable to make sure that you are moving forward and you are growing in a really positive way.

Set Bigger Goals

Firstly, you’ve got to set bigger goals. What is your 10 out of 10 business? They tell me what they want to earn next month or by the end of the year. It’s what do you want to do in a 10 out of 10 business. Let’s get clarity on your life and your business as a 10 out of 10.

What does that look like for you and play full-out with that really make sure that you are thinking bigger. Sometimes, people are scared to go there because they’re fearful of failure or saying something that may never happen. When you’re setting your goals, you allow yourself to go there and be really comfortable about it.

Stop Making the Excuses

Secondly, don’t make excuses. Really let go of them. They’re just presenting problems coming up, “I don’t have enough money to invest in Facebook marketing,” “I’m not as young as I used to be,” or “I don’t have enough experience,” “I need to learn more.”

They’re just all noise. I want you to listen out for this noise. The excuses that are coming through your thought processes and make sure you stop them in your tracks. Acknowledge them. Realize what they are, and then put them aside, and get to the real stuff that’s happening for you.

Use the Wisdom That You Have

Use the resources that you have. Use your intuition. Use your own resourcefulness, and your own life experiences, and get moving forward immediately. You know what you need to do. You know how to get there. It’s all within you right now. 

People go, “I need to learn more,” “I don’t know enough.” You have the experiences to move you forward right now. Sure, we learn more, we grow more all of the time, but you have to get going first. What a lot of people do is they stay still think that they have to learn more, learn more, learn more, and never move forward.

Start Doing if You’re Going to Be a Coach

Start coaching people who will benefit from your expertise, your wisdom, your life experiences now.

As you grow, you’ll get people who will then realize that you have more experiences, more modalities in your tool belt, and you’ll be able to coach those people and attract those people to you.

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