You may be calling yourself a coach but are you really a coach? Let’s talk about that. If you’re becoming a coach or want to be a coach, you need a couple of things.

First, you need some experiences. It might be a challenge you’ve overcome, it might be a trauma that you’ve gone through that you can share with others on how you came out the other side. You may have some expertise in a particular area that you’ve done all your life, it might be photography, and you might want to share that expertise out with others.

Second, you may have modality. Like Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy, NLP, Tapping, Reiki, massage, there may be a number of modalities that you have trained in that you can provide as a tool to help people in a coaching environment.

Are You Getting People From A to B?

People are at A, they may be in pain and they need to get to B, to pleasure. If you are helping someone get from A to B, whatever that is for them, then you are a coach;

If you’re getting outcomes for people; if you’re getting them to move forward, then you are coaching them to take action and that may be an environment one-on-one. It might be in workshops, it may be speaking from stage because if you’re speaking from stage, you are coaching people. They’re at A and you need to get them to B. 

Are You Meeting Regularly With Your Clients and Get Paid?

The other measurement of whether you’re a coach or not is whether you meet regularly with your clients and get paid. A lot of people will do things for free, that’s not a coach. You may meet irregularly, that’s not a coach. A lot of people say, “I’ve got a coach. I can just call that person up every now and then when I need some advice.” That is not coaching.

Take the Next Step

If you are wanting to be a coach or starting a business, or are in a coaching business but not sure of the business model, or how you’re perceived as a coach, reach out to me. I’m happy to spend 30 minutes with you in a Discovery Session.

We can roll our sleeves up, go to work and make sure that you are building your business into a coaching business, not into something else. It’s really important to get those foundations right in your business and make sure you’re growing it with great foundations so it will last the test of time.