You may call yourself a coach. You may sort of think you might be a coach, or you might think, “No I’m not a coach.” There are three things to ask yourself and think about and really have a check in on whether you are really in fact a coach.

What Are You Thinking?

Do you truly believe that you are? If you think you are a coach, then you will be. If you think that you’re not, then you will not be. change up your thoughts and really think and believe that you are a coach. If you’re getting people from A to B, pain to pleasure, in my world, you are a coach.   

Are You Behaving Like a Coach?

Check your Behavior. If you think about coaches that inspire you, are you acting or is your behavior the same? I want you to change up your behaviour. You might be slothing around, not doing your hair, not wearing nice clothes. You do not need to go out and spend a load of money. But do you get dressed to go to work? Amazing coaches do not coach in their slippers. Change up your behavior as if you are already a great coach.

Are You Acting Like an Amazing Coach Would?

Are you just scrolling through social media? Are you wasting time? Are you fiddling around doing everything but growing your business? Is that you? Think about your actions. Whatever you’re doing during the day, ask yourself, “Is this what an amazing coach would be doing right now?” Yes or no? Most the time, I have coaches going to be saying, “It’s a no. I’m wasting time procrastinating and doing things that are not productive.” Check in on your actions and make sure that your actions are leading you to your goal.

Ask yourself these questions and really check in and change up whatever you need to change up and make sure that you have a successful business.

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