You can blame everybody else. You can blame the environment, the country, the world. You can blame all sorts of things but I want to ask is it you? Let’s find out.

Firstly, acknowledge that you have financial worries. Because we can walk around pretending that everything’s fine when it’s not. The first and biggest step is to admit, ‘Yes, I’ve got some financial worries,’ and then that allows you to move forward.

Secondly, identify your thoughts because your thoughts will be a real concern. ‘I’ll never have any money.’ ‘People don’t pay me.’ ‘They don’t pay me enough.’ You have all of these limiting beliefs around money. If you open your bank account every day expecting to see it in the red, that’s exactly what you will get.

Thirdly, what you do about it is design your future. ¬†Think about what you want instead of thinking about your bank account being in the red. I want you to think about it being in the black and being having lots of money in your bank account. Open your bank account and imagine that it has money in it. Don’t open your bank account every day, just do it once a week in your accounting time.

Pay your bills, look at your balance, and do what you need to do there. Don’t open your bank account every day looking for the red, so change it up think about what you want instead. Imagine the money coming in.

Attract it to you take action steps to earn money and be productive in your income producing time, then your thoughts will change because they’ll become positive as well.

Dig deep today and see if it is you causing the financial worries because it is easily fixed.

If you feel that you have negative thoughts around money, limiting beliefs around money and you really can’t get out of this financial stuck or this financial worry, reach out to me because I utilize a Breakthrough Session with my clients.

Through the series of Breakthrough Sessions, I can absolutely assure you there are massive results through the Breakthrough Session particularly around money.

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