Are your beliefs holding you back?

There are a lot of excuses that we can use to justify why our business isn’t at the right level, why we’re not personally at the right level, why you haven’t lost weight, why you haven’t earned more income, all of those things, we can really easily place excuses in the way of what’s really going on.

Firstly, what I want to say to you is, identify any limiting beliefs you may have. Where do they come from? Who told you that? It may have been a person of authority which may be a parent or a school teacher or an extended family member. Someone that you really look up to may just have said something that you have compounded into a negative belief.

Sometimes it will come during your schooling from a school teacher or it may be a story you’ve made up in your head. Identify it and go, “Yes, actually I’m saying that to myself; I’m not good enough, I’m not skinny enough, I’ll never be that, I’ll never make it, I would never earn a million dollars.”

What is the belief that you’re saying to yourself? Acknowledge that it’s no longer serving you well. It may be something that you thought about previously and it served you well previously, perhaps, but now it’s not serving you well. Acknowledge that this is not good for you any longer and you really need to do something about it which brings me to my third step which is, you have to make the change.

You have to change that belief into a new belief, so it will then serve you well into the future. You might go, “That’s easier said than done Sharon, how can I easily change a belief?” Most people come to me for help and if you need help in changing your belief, reach out to me and I’m happy to have a chat with you. You just click on the link and we can have a chat about what those beliefs are and how we can easily change them.

How easy is it to change a belief?

To give you an idea on how easy it is to change, when you were 12, you believed you were 12, then you turned 13 and the very next day you now believed you’re 13. You no longer believed that you were 12. How quickly did you change that belief? You changed it basically overnight, right? From one moment you thought you were 12 to the next moment you thought you were 13. You truly believed it on either day.

I work with people very closely to change up their beliefs so it takes them to the NEXT LEVEL IN THEIR LIFE, IN THEIR FITNESS, IN THEIR BUSINESS, whatever it is you want to step up into, what level you want to go to, we work together to change your beliefs and take action around that. It’s not hard work, we can change it in an instant to format a new belief so you can move forward. If you want to talk about changing your beliefs, if you believe you have got negative beliefs, if you are hearing this negativity in your inner thoughts or internal dialogue with yourself, we need to change that up because that’s what’s holding you back. We can put those excuses up front and say it’s the environment, the economy, the government, my clients, my ex-husband, my family, my parents; all that, or you can work on your own beliefs and believe something differently.