If you are a coach, are you experiencing burnout? And why is this? Why do you see so many coaches in the world right now experiencing burnout? There are a couple of tips and see if this is you, whether you’re experiencing this.

Firstly, do you set your expectations too high for yourself, particularly that you want to achieve a certain goal quickly, that you should be somewhere else financially?

This is not to say don’t set big goals and move forward in your financial growth, but sometimes you set those expectations so high, particularly around perfectionism in how you look, behave, and feel. Sometimes you expect it all to be perfect. So, are you setting your expectations too high?

Secondly, do you work very long hours? Because if you do, stop that. There’s no need to work long hours. Shorten your hours, be focused on your income-earning activities, and you will get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time. People are working long hours, but a lot of that time is not productive. You cannot be working at your optimum 110-120% if you’re working very long hours. Work at 100% for short bursts of time, and you’ll find that your productivity level goes up dramatically.

Thirdly, don’t be everything to everyone. Is that what you’re doing? Coaches who get clients know how to stay on side of the line. But what happens is, they say, ‘I need a website built,’ and you quickly say, ‘Oh, I can build that for you.’ ‘I need some Facebook marketing ads,’ and again, ‘Oh, I can do that for you.’

Coaches, we are not doers. We are there to help our clients be resourceful and find the people who are experts in their field of work. If you’re being everything to everyone, you will definitely feel burnout. Switch that up and not do these things. 

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