As a leader, how do you lead? I want to share with you some important points around being a great leader and making sure that you’re stepping up and leading in these uncertain times. Firstly, as a great leader, be truthful. Don’t sugarcoat anything or pat people on the back and say that it’s all going to be okay when it’s not. I’m not saying that you need to instill fear, but really be truthful to people saying,

“You must change, you must pivot, you need to look at things differently for you to survive in this ever-changing environment because some people really need to hear the real truth from someone that they respect and admire for them to take on board your suggestions.

Secondly, be awake. Be awake to what’s going on around you, look for those opportunities that are being presented to you and to your coaching clients or your customers and take on board new ways of thinking. Don’t be narrowminded in saying, “This is the way we must do it.” Really awaken yourself to new learnings. Always be growing yourself, always participate in growing yourself and learning new things.

Thirdly, have certainty. When you’re talking to your customers and clients, have certainty about the information you are giving them. You don’t want to be there going, “Well, I’m not sure if this is right or wrong, but I’ll have a go or try this.” Tell them, “Yes, other clients of mine have done this and they’ve succeeded, other coaches I know have done this, and it’s worked very successfully.” Be very certain in the information that you are sharing. You don’t want to be going around sharing posts that you really don’t know where that source has come from, or whether that information is true and factual. Make sure that you do share the facts around what message you’re trying to get across.

The last is, have faith. Trust in your own intuition. Trust in your own expertise. Trust in your own knowledge that you know you’re making the right decisions for your business, your team, yourself, and you’ll know whether it’s in your heart, whether it’s in your gut, whether it’s an overall feeling. You’ll know if that’s the right decision. Sometimes we might be scared of making that right decision, but you’ll know in the deepest of your soul that it’s the right decision.

If you’re a leader, in these times particularly, get out there and lead. People are looking for you to lead right now, as a coach, as a business owner, as a mentor, as a friend. Make sure that you are stepping up and doing these few helpful things. Just to recap, be truthful and honest with people, be awake looking out for opportunities, have certainty in what you’re saying and knowing is factual, and have faith that you do have the knowledge, expertise, and your intuition to back you up.