Have you ever felt that you don’t belong? Do you feel like an outsider? If you answer yes then find comfort in the fact that being an outsider is actually a great thing and it’s not something you should be worried about. Being an outsider myself, it took me quite a while to adjust but over time I realized that I can use my distinctiveness to my advantage not just in my life but also in my business.

There were so many instances wherein I’d blurt out an opinion or a suggestion and people look at me weirdly like I’ve just grown three heads. And so whenever I get these offensive reactions I would just shut my mouth and keep my thoughts to myself for fear that I might get humiliated again. It took me several tries to finally understand and appreciate my being an outsider. Yes, there were a lot of negative comments thrown at me whenever I shared my goals and I was always bombarded with discouraging words from peers and colleagues questioning my credibility and making me doubt myself. But then I learned that these people had no goals. They had no dreams and that was why they were treating me like an outsider. But let me tell you this, it’s perfectly okay to feel like an outsider.

Other people won’t understand you and the goals you want to achieve and that’s okay because they are not the ones living your life. All that matters is you know what you want to achieve, your life has direction and you bring happiness to those around you. These people will eventually see your progress and then eventually they will start to understand where you’re coming from and they’ll probably be outsiders themselves once they see you enjoying your success.

If your intentions are good, if you genuinely just want to help people then go ahead and be an outsider. Don’t worry about what other people have to say about your behind your back, remind yourself that they are at your back for a reason. I’ve always embraced my peculiarity and I never allowed other people’s comments and snarky remarks to derail me from my tracks. Once I set my heart into something I make sure I achieve it. So tune out the noise, embrace your uniqueness and listen to your heart and before you know it, you’re already treading the road towards success.