There is a stark difference between a business that is in motion and a business that is in progress. Indeed a business can have movement; you can go through the motions every day as part of the routine but this does not in any way guarantee that a business in motion is a business in progress. Do you get what I mean? Think of it as a rocking horse. A rocking horse doesn’t get anywhere, right? It stays in one place and the only activity it does is go back and forth, back and forth and back and forth again. It’s the same thing over and over. Don’t make your business look like a rocking horse because it won’t progress and as a consequence you won’t be able to experience dramatic business growth.

The one important thing you need to ask yourself is this, “Am I making progress?” If the answer is yes then you’re on the right track but if your answer is no then you need to look within your business, go back to your goals and re-evaluate your activities. If the activities do not push your business forward then it’s time to make some improvements and find new ways so you can experience progress in your business.

If business growth is what you are after you need to.

  • Set goals.

And then you need to:

  • Evaluate your activities whether these can help your business reach the goals you’ve set.

So let’s say your goal for this week is to gather ten new clients. If you didn’t make new clients with your previous business activities then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll make ten new clients now. Whenever you set new goals (like in this case, gather ten new clients) you also need to make sure that the activities you do are in line with those goals so that the end result will lead you to gather ten new clients.

Instead of sending a bunch of boring emails to your clients why don’t you try revamping your email template? Or perhaps start sending brochures or making calls? Study the strategies you need so you can get yourself ten new clients and do those activities until you become successful in gathering ten clients.

It boils down to looking at your goals and assessing whether the activities you have are pushing you in that direction, otherwise, it’s time you make some changes.