When it comes to business, it’s true that first impression does last. And so business owners need to carefully study how they present themselves from the clothes they wear, to their website, to their products, to their packaging and so on. This is especially true among small businesses.

Now a lot of people justify that since they are only starting out, aspiring to look sleek and professional would entail a lot of cash. Although this may apply in some cases depending on how far you are willing to go to acquire a “professional look”, it does not necessarily apply to all because if you are resourceful then you will definitely find less expensive ways. Looking professional does not equate to expensive investments, it is actually taking the time to “look expensive” in a professional way, the cost on how you are going to achieve this is basically up to you.

For example, does a business owner who hands out a crumpled photocopy as a flier look professional to you? If you were to receive that photocopied flier would you take that business owner seriously? Would you want to do business with him at all? Would you trust his business? Or let’s say someone comes to you and offers to present his products but he is wearing baggy jeans, a dirty shirt sporting an unkempt hair. Would you go with him to a nearby coffee shop or would you run for your life thinking, this guy might be a robber?

These simple examples will show you how important a professional image is for a business most especially if you are starting out.

My advice is for you to treat your business as a successful and profitable business. The image you exude will reverberate among your target market and they will have a positive perception of your business if you value professional image. The chances of these customers wanting to do business with you will be high. It’s that simple.

Making a good first impression transcends more than your physical look. You need to take into account your website, your employees, your products, your brand and everything that is affiliated with your business. Before you introduce yourself and your business to your target customers make sure that you’ve polished everything up and that everything from top to bottom looks professional because remember, people will judge you by how they see you physically. If you fail in this aspect, there’s a huge probability that your customers won’t get attracted to what you have to offer them.