When doing business, it is your job to convince people to buy your products. If you forego this very important selling technique then you can expect customers not to buy from you. One of the reasons why customers buy your product is because they can see benefits to what you have to offer. If they can’t see this, then they probably will go to the next seller to check if they offer the benefits they are looking for.

When selling a product you need to learn a few important tips to make sure that you are not confusing your consumers. In my years of doing business, I personally believe that a confused buyer will simply not buy. Now what I mean by this is if your business message isn’t laid out clearly then it can cause some form of confusion on the part of the buyer. When a buyer doesn’t understand what you are trying to sell to them I am certain that they would not risk their money on something they are unsure of because it’s human nature.

A secret to avoid confusing your customers is to communicate the benefits of your products clearly instead of just talking about its features. And sadly, presenting a product’s features is what makes up most of the marketing and sales messages we hear today. And that is exactly the reason why their sales are struggling.

Below I’ll share tips on how to get more sales and more customers by not confusing them.

  1. You should know what a feature is and what a benefit is. Both are not the same. You want to talk about your product’s benefits instead of talking about its features.
  2. Use clear and plain language. Don’t use highfalutin words because you’re not trying to impress your English professor. Use simple yet bold and strong words that are capable of evoking emotion.
  3. Keep your benefits brief yet understandable. Choose the most important benefits that will likely convince customers to purchase your product. If you have a long list of benefits it is best you keep it short to avoid confusing your customer.

A lot of people believe that if their products are great it will surely sell regardless of what they do. They believe that if they make something amazing, something that can solve problems and benefit society, the product will sell on its own. Well, this is far from the truth. One secret to getting customers to buy from you is to make sure they understand what your product is all about, plain and simple.