Most of the people I’ve known are in a perpetual search for extraordinary workers to join their team. And more often than not, their quest for these “extraordinary” people turned out to be futile all because extraordinary workers are in reality few and far between. They’re very scarce and it will take forever for you to find one. Other companies may have already employed most of them so it makes the search all the more frustrating on your part.

Don’t get me wrong, there are extraordinary workers out there and they are probably looking to be employed too. But finding these people to make your business successful isn’t always the solution. There are other means of acquiring extraordinary results and I will share it with you in this blog post.

Here’s a secret I’ve learned over the years of working with all kinds of people. The secret to getting extraordinary results isn’t hiring extraordinary people as one might think although it’s basically the most obvious and the most conventional way.

I believe it is very important that you look at specific qualities in a person because these qualities will determine the outcome of your business. If you want to achieve extraordinary results you need to start scouting for the following qualities.

1. An ordinary person who is driven.
A worker who is driven is likely to bring you the results you want.

2. An ordinary person who is a good communicator.
Inaccurate communication can bring disaster to your business and it can cause a lot of unnecessary problems in your company.

3. An ordinary person who is self-motivated.
A self-motivated employee doesn’t limit oneself to its duties. He or she takes full responsibility to solve problems and meet goals no matter what it takes even if the tasks are not included in his regular line of work.

4. An ordinary person who is hardworking.
A person who works hard is an indispensible asset in any company. If you find someone who is inherently hardworking and does his job right then you’ve found yourself an extraordinary worker.

5. An ordinary person who is an adaptable learner.
There’s nothing worse than a stubborn employee who isn’t receptive to criticism and who doesn’t strive to learn nor adjust to his new working environment. If you find yourself a worker who is eager to learn new things and is a quick learner don’t let him go. They can perform best no matter where you throw them in.

When you find an employee who possesses all these qualities you’ve found yourself an ordinary person who can do extraordinary things.