Try to recall how your life went before you got into business. What were your rituals? What was your routine? What was the effect it had on your life? Now I want you to look at your life now, and I want to ask you, “Are you still practicing the routine you were used to?” “Do you still make time for yourself in doing what you love to do despite having a business to run?” If the answer is no then I guess you should set aside some time to read what I have to say.

While many of us think that the life we lived before our businesses opened is way different from the life we are living now that we have something to be busy about, I believe that some things should not change simply because it makes us better human beings. What I want to stress is this, it is just as important to invest in yourself as in your business.

Let me give you an example. If you have ever been on a plane before you will notice that during the safety demonstration your cabin crew will inform you that if the cabin air system should fail, oxygen masks will automatically drop from above you and you need to pull the mask towards you and breathe normally. The cabin crew will also tell you to make sure that the mask is correctly fitted over your nose and mouth before you start helping others with theirs.

My point is this, we simply cannot help other people or in this case our business if we are not at our best state. What can we possibly contribute to our business if we don’t look after ourselves first?

I believe that our business can greatly benefit if we really take the time out to look after ourselves because doing so helps maximize our potential and our productivity. Looking after your mind and your body can help you flourish and it also helps your business flourish as well. Whatever routines you held dear in the past, routines that once made you happy, do them now regardless of how busy you claim you are. Set aside a time in your day or your week to be selfish and just really enjoy the things that you love. You’ll soon realize that doing so can help your business grow and not just that it also helps make you a better person.